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attorneys’ offices ceased sending such letters upon the issuance of the Cole memo. Now that the Cole memo has been revoked, federal prosecutors might resume this practice against marijuana businesses that are in blatant violation of state law, but whose conduct is not egregious enough to warrant criminal prosecution. Federal authorities could also use marijuana laws to take action against third parties that facilitate or assist marijuana-related businesses. These third parties could include anyone from a landlord or software provider to a bank, credit


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Need Legal Advice? Find The Right Lawyer With These Ideas.
It can get frustrating to look for a lawyer. After all, there are a lot of attorneys out there so you have to be careful and trust the right one. In this article, we will provide sound advice to help you find a good lawyer easily.

Talk to a lawyer about their history. Just because the lawyer is allowed to practice does not mean that he is successful. Research his record to be assured he will do the job well.

Hire a lawyer that is accessible. One common complaint people have is being unable to get in touch with their lawyer. Choose...

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You must go thou the court system and follow very specific eviction steps. Step 3. This package includes Affidavit of Non-Payment of Rent which must be notarized, Non-Military Affidavit, Motion for Default, Final judgement for Removal of Tenant, Writ of Possession. Many evictions for non-payment are solved at step number one, the Three Day Notice. A copy of the Three Day Notice and a copy of the lease must be included as part of the package. Step 4. The landlord canst place chains at the gate, turn off the utilities, or enter the property to change the locks and take possession. It states the